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Sessions: Our dance year consists of two sessions, a school year session running September through May and a summer session in June & July. Our annual recital is held at the conclusion of our school year session in May.

Tuition: An annual enrollment fee of $20 per student ($35 for family) is due at the time of registration. Tuition is due by the 10th of the month. Statements will be handed out each month for unpaid balances after the 10th and a late fee of $15 will be charged. Any tuition that remains unpaid after the 30th of the month will may result in the student being removed from class. Students will not be allowed to return to class until payment is received in full.

Recital: An end of the year recital will be held the weekend after Memorial Day, June 1st and 2nd 2019. Each student will need one costume for each class they are enrolled in. If a student is in multiple classes it is a good idea to start paying for costumes early. All costume money will be due on or before January 10th. Costume fees are as follows:

$55- tiny tots, jazz 1, acro 1, hip hop 1, ballet 2, jazz 2, tap 2, acro 2, hip hop 2, modern 1, Irish 1, ballet 3, jazz 3, tap 3, hip hop 3, modern 2, boys hip hop, broadway babies, broadway bound

$65- pre-dance, ballet/tap 1, Teen beginner, acro 3, acro 4, Irish 2, Irish 3, ballet 4, jazz 4, tap 4, hip hop 4, modern 3, pre-pointe, pointe 1, pointe 2/3, ballet 5, jazz 5, tap 5, tap 6, hip hop 5, ballet 6, jazz 6, hip hop 6, modern 4

Important Dates:
Tuesday September 4th – Classes begin
October 1st - 6th - Bring a friend week
Saturday October 6th - First Saturdays Song & Dance Camp begins
Monday November 19th - Make-up classes for Labor Day
November 20th- 25th - No Class (Thanksgiving Break)
December 17-22 - Parent watch week
December 23rd -January 6th - No Class (Christmas Break)
Monday January 7th – Classes resume
Saturday January 12th - All recital costume money due
March 11th – 17th No Class (Spring Break)
June 1st -2nd - Recital

Dress Code: Loose baggy fitting and jean clothing is not acceptable for safety reasons in all classes except hip hop. Girls are required to have their hair pulled back and out of their faces for all classes. No jewelry is allowed to be worn in class with the exception of small earrings. Required items for all classes including shoes can be purchased from NPAC.

Ballet- Must wear a leotard and tights, can wear tight fitting capris or shorts, pink ballet shoes
Jazz- Leotard or tank top, leggings, jazz pants, capris, or shorts, black jazz shoes
Tap- Leotard or tank top, leggings, jazz pants, capris, or shorts, black tap shoes
Irish- Leotard or tank top, leggings, jazz pants, capris, or shorts, black jazz and tap shoes
Modern- Must wear a leotard, with tights, leggings, jazz pants, capris, or shorts, no shoes
Acro- Leotard and shorts or capris, no socks or shoes
Hip Hop- Any clothing that stretches or is loose fitting, clean tennis shoes
Broadway Bound- Leotard or tank top, leggings, jazz pants, capris, or shorts, black jazz shoes
Pre-Dance-Leotard and tights, skirt, shorts, or leggings, pink ballet hoes, black tap shoes
Tiny Tots & Broadway Babies- Leotard and tights, skits, shorts, or leggings, pink ballet shoes
Boys- t-shirt, tank, shorts, sweat pants, joggers, appropriate dance shoes for class